Why Dogs Are a Man’s Best Friend

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Dogs are widely pointed out to be man’s best friend. Not cats, not hamsters, not lizzards…DOGS! For me it is simple, dogs are just awesome! A lot of people much prefer dogs’ company over that of other humans…and to be honest sometimes I fall into that category of people too! Once you have a dog, your lifestyle will definitely change. No longer will you be able to go to the toilet unaccompanied and there will be a furry little creature that loves you unconditionally.

So below I look at some of the reasons of why I think dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

They don’t hold a grudge

When someone does something that p*sses me off, I tend to remember it and let them know it for a very long time (I am passive aggressive, I know). But when my dog is annoyed with me, it is only for a very short time. In fact, as soon as I ask him who is a good boy and throw him his favourite tennis ball in the back-yard, he thinks I am the best thing since BBQ flavored doggy treats!

They are loyal like few other

If you are good to a dog, they will be good to you. When I was little I picked up a little puppy in the road that someone had abandoned. My dad took care of the little guy as if he was his own child, and since then the dog never left my dad’s side.

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They will die for you

When a dog thinks you are in danger, they will do anything to protect you. Even if it means they themselves are in danger. For some awesome stories of how dogs showed bravery and saved someone’s life, you can check out this article from DogGuide.com. There are a few amazing stories, but one of my favorites is the story of a little Chihuahua that saved a one year-old child from a big rattle snake, and even got bitten in the process by the snake.

They know when you need some TLC

When you had a really bad day and need some TLC, your dog will be right there by your side ready to lick your face and give you all the cuddles you can ever need! That is because they are so adept at reading our body language and voice tone. They instinctively know when we are sad or even scared.

They are always happy to see you

Few things perk me up as much as when I get home and there is a little pooch jumping up and down glad to see you. Heck, even in the mornings when I get up from bed my dog is sitting outside my room waiting for me, and demands I give him a quick cuddle before moving further. The best way to start a day!

They get you up  and out of the house

Hopefully you realize that your dog needs some exercise, and that gets you up and moving. Even if it is just throwing the ball around for them, it is way better than just sitting in front of the TV all day letting life go by you. Since having my dog, I am much more consistent in going out for a walk or a jog with my dog as I know he relies on me to get his daily exercise.

They are smart

I am convinced that my dog is smarter than some people I know! Depending on what breed dog you have, dogs are generally very intelligent animals that can learn a lot! In fact I read somewhere that dogs can learn up to 400 words…that is basically the vocabulary of a 2 year-old!


A while ago I was looking after a friend’s two little dogs. A Pug and a Boston Terrier. I was sitting in the back-yard giving them both some attention and head-pats, when the little Pug (who is a little diva that demands constant attention) runs off, go gets a ball and brings it to me. Of course I assume she wants me to throw it for her to go retrieve it. I throw the ball and the Boston Terrier, predictably, runs after it. But the Pug stays right where she is and now gets ALL the attention instead of having to share it with the Boston Terrier. So she was smart enough to come up with a sneaky plan to get the Boston Terrier away so she can get all the cuddles. She is an evil genius.

Wrapping Up

Cats are cute, hamsters are furry and lizzards are…errrmmm…nevermind. But dogs are the best. For me it is a simple equation: dogs = love. I cannot imagine my life without dogs and I don’t want to!

I hope you enjoyed this article! Now go and give you dog a much appreciated cuddle!

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