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What to look for when choosing pet food

The choice of pet food is critical to their health. The wrong purchase can, at best, cost us an upset stomach, and at worst, the emergence of an allergy that may cause allergies, which will require specialist treatment. Before you buy food for your dog or cat, it is worth getting acquainted with the composition and choosing only those products that guarantee very good quality.

Why is proper nutrition so important for our pets?

We must remember that the nutrition of our pet depends 100% on us. Our pet will not go hunting alone and will not get food that will satisfy its needs. We are responsible for choosing the right food and it is good if it was of the best quality. When visiting stores such as Lugers.pl, you can clearly see that the food for our pets differs in composition, price and preparation method. When deciding on a specific product, make sure that it is as natural as possible and based on valuable products. The better nourished our pet is, the less likely it is to suffer from serious illness and health problems in old age. It is worth remembering about it whenever we want to buy cheap food from the market.

Where to buy the best food for dogs and cats?

Many of us prefer to shop in local stores, but very often they do not provide favorable prices. If you want to buy good food at a low price, it is worth using the offer of the online store Lugers.plthat offers a very large selection of wet and dry foods for dogs, cats, mice and other pets. It guarantees very favorable prices and instant shipping to the address provided. By deciding to make such purchases, we can be sure that our dog will receive food tailored to his preferences and requirements. It will be tasty and will not expose him to allergies. All because the store makes sure that the food sold is of the highest quality.

Shopping in online stores is becoming more and more popular because they allow access to a very wide range of products. Contrary to local shops, they offer a huge selection of food types that are suitable for healthy as well as sick animals. If our dog or cat is struggling with health problems, then the purchase of veterinary food may be the only way to improve his quality of life and help him get rid of problems. Remember that online stores such as Lugers.pl are a guarantee of safe and fast purchases that will be delivered to our home very quickly.

Dry food or wet food for your dog?

Feeding your pet is about more than just throwing leftovers off the table. There are foods available on the market that should be included in your pet’s diet.

A new household member changes the life of the whole family. Stan are the best friend who will provide lots of smiles. It should be noted that the animal has its own individual needs that must be met. Walks, toys, your own angle are the basic requirements. Nutritional issues cannot be ignored as well, and these are responsible for the proper development and health of the pooch.

Dry food or wet food?

A varied diet will be the best solution. Just as humans do not, or should not, eat only one type of meal, animals should eat a varied diet. It’s good to include both types of food in your pet’s menu. However, remember about the differences and dosage.

Dry dog ​​food

Quadrupeds like to munch on something from time to time. Their bones fall prey, but much less mess is caused by dry food. It contains from 7% to 9% water and, importantly, it contains more calories in a smaller volume. This must be borne in mind when serving a meal. In this case, small portions are filling. There is no point in overdoing the quantity.

A dry dish is tasty for dogs and helps clean up plaque. When biting, the hard pieces rub plaque from the surface of the teeth and stimulate the gums. Thanks to this, the four-legged householder takes care of the good condition of the oral cavity. You can find dry dog ​​food at https://apetete.pl/karmy-suche-dla-psa.html.

Dog wet food

It is worth taking care of variety in the diet of a four-legged friend. Wet food has high humidity (even over 75%). Therefore, in order to provide the same caloric content as the dry food, more of it is necessary to fill the dog to his heart’s content. At the same time, it is a good solution for animals that have chewing problems.

Wet food resembles the achievements of carnivores. So it’s no surprise that dogs are eager to peek into the bowl in search of it. These types of products are served to animals that are prone to overweight or obese.

The high humidity of the consumed products meets the water demand. This is especially true for miniature dogs that are prone to urolithiasis. Nevertheless, the dog should always have access to a bowl of fresh water.

Good composition of dog food

The best feeds have a composition that could be approved for human consumption without any contraindications. So it is worth paying attention to what is in the food.

When reading the composition, pay attention to:

  • meat and fish – at least 50% of the composition should be animal products (meat, fats, oil, offal),
  • eggs – a rich source of protein,
  • oils – contain Omega-3, EPA and DHA acids,
  • vegetables and fruits – dogs are not ruthless carnivores like cats. They are eager to eat easily digestible products such as tomatoes, potatoes, apples, spinach and blackberries.

Dry karma or morka – that is the question!

A varied diet is the best solution for your pet. So make sure you have a solid dose of wet food and small portions but more caloric portions of dry food. Pay attention to the composition so that it meets the pet’s needs. Thanks to this, he will be healthy and joyful.