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Can Dogs Eat Celery? The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Celery

Can dogs eat celery? When cut into small, digestible pieces dogs can eat it in small amounts. Just make sure the leaves are removed. Too much can have a negative effect on their digestive system, for instance causing them to urinate too much.

The Virtues of Celery

Feeding your dog celery in small dosages can be beneficial as an addition to its general diet. It’s good for heart health, low in calories, plus it is full of vitamins and minerals. For the best results, buy organic celery and make sure it is fresh.

It is a great source of vitamins A, B6, C, K, riboflavin as well as pantothenic acid. It contains various minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus. Vitamins A and C create a potent antioxidants combo to keep your dog feeling fresh and healthy. The combo of vitamin C and pantothenic acid helps to alleviate skin conditions. The calcium together with the phosphorus is perfect for healthy bones and teeth. And the magnesium is a vital mineral to assist with muscle and nerve function.

Boosting Heart Health with Celery

Can dogs eat celery to improve their health? As an occasional snack it can be a great addition to your dog’s diet. Besides the low calorie count, it also contains no cholesterol and it is fat free. Furthermore it is high in fiber and has a high water content. All of these factors together make it a powerful heart health snack.

Several studies have shown that it has the ability to lower blood pressure. Phthalide, a phytochemical found in celery, helps to relax the tissues of the artery walls. This effectively increases blood flow and as a result it reduces blood pressure.

Great Cancer Fighter

Apigenin is another special compound found in celery with amazing healing powers. It can be found in a few different types of vegetables and fruits, but the quantity is especially high in celery. Research that was funded by America’s National Cancer Institute and the National Natural Science Foundation of China discovered that it can considerably inhibit the growth of cancer cell.

Specifically for dogs, the studies showing inhibition in pancreatic cancer cell growth is especially important. Pancreatitis is a disease that often plagues dogs. Read this article to be aware of the symptoms and treatments.

A Great Treat or Even a Toy

Chop the celery up into small bite size pieces, without the roughage, and you have a nutritious snack or training treat. It can also be an unconventional chewy toy. Clean a stalk and give it to your dog for some entertainment as well as a teeth cleaning session. Plus, it will help with bad breath. Just make sure the stalk is big enough to not become a choking hazard.

Can Dogs Eat Celery

Can Dogs Eat Celery

Feeding Your Dog Celery: How to Do It Properly

If you are keen to introduce celery into your dog’s general diet, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. Can dogs eat celery? Yes, they can, but it needs to be kept as only an occasional treat.

Step One – Buy Organic and Fresh Celery

Freshly bought organic celery will offer your dog access to more nutrients than frozen or prepacked celery. Oftentimes commercial celery is covered in pesticides and you don’t want to expose your dog to harmful chemicals.

Step Two – Introduce It Gradually into Your Dog’s Diet

Moderation is key. If you want to give your dog celery as a daily treat, make sure that it is not more than 10% of its diet. First check with your veterinarian before you start incorporating it into your dog’s diet. Each dog’s digestive system is unique, your veterinarian will be able to confirm whether feeding your dog celery will be beneficial for it.

Your dog’s stomach is sensitive to foreign, new foods. Dogs are mostly carnivores, so their digestion system is geared more towards processing meats than fruits and vegetables. Given in small amounts certain fruits and vegetables can be beneficial to your dog’s diet. But you need to slowly introduce celery into your dog’s regular diet. Read this article for a complete list of fruit and vegetables suitable for dogs.

Also, your dog might not like the taste of celery. Do not force feed your dog. You need to closely observe your dog after feeding it celery for the first time. The dog might have a negative reaction to the celery such as vomiting or stomach cramps. Your dog’s digestive system should be able to deal with the unwanted foreign substance on its own within 24 hours. Do not induce vomiting, this can be dangerous. Make sure the dog remains hydrated during this period of tummy upset. If the symptoms persist for longer than 24 hours, you should visit your veterinarian.

Can Dogs Eat Celery? The Drawbacks

In moderation celery can be a lovely nutritional snack addition to your dog’s diet. But there are a few factors to keep in mind when feeding your dog celery. Celery tends to be very stringy. To chew up a piece properly, your dog might have to bite into it a few times. If you know your dog tends to gobble up its food without chewing much, you need to cut up the celery into tiny pieces to avoid it becoming a choking hazard.

If you rather prefer staying on the safe side, consider putting the celery sticks through the blender before feeding it to your dog. The celery puree can be mixed into your dog’s kibble to serve as a nutrition boost. Again, stick to only doing this in moderation and only incorporate celery into your dog’s diet after consulting with your veterinarian.

Make sure your dog does not have unlimited access to celery. The dog might really like the taste and overindulge. This can cause stomach upset and excessive urination that could lead to dehydration.

Conclusion: Feeding Your Dog Celery

Can dogs eat celery? Research shows that celery can be a very good addition to your dog’s diet in general. The following are a few more benefits to convince you that feeding your dog celery is a good idea.

  • The nutrients in the celery fiber aid bowel movements.
  • The pthalides will lower cholesterol by helping to increase bile acid secretion.
  • The vitamin C improves the immune system.
  • Juice from celery can help with joint pain as well as ease the pain of arthritis.
  • Celery can help to increase urine production to flush out toxins.
  • You can cook the celery and it won’t lose any nutrients.

Have you tried feeding your dog celery? Did it love the taste or just pulled up its nose in disgust? Any other fruit or vegetables that your dog is especially fond of?